• Financial Expertise (3 pillars: Consulting, Audit and Accounting) to provide tailor-made advice and a solution suited to your needs
  • Consulting approach (Value creation focusing more on the analysis of the figures and the steering of performance rather than merely the production of financial statements) thereby allowing you to better anticipate the future
  • Entrepreneurial vision (Entrepreneurial spirit, Dynamism, Challenges, and good knowledge of the entrepreneurial ecosystem) to better understand your concerns as entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Internet & Innovation (Web, social networks and choice of powerful and innovative technological tools: Cloud, Saas, Dematerialisation) to be more collaborative and interactive with our clients
  • Network Strategy with 360°service (Advise UP label with a pool of qualified and independent partners and experts) to better respond to all issues facing you
  • CSR vision (corporate, societal and environmental vision of business with Zero Paper objective, Responsible Firm Charter etc.) to contribute, at our level, to changing the world

In other words, a “next generation” firm with cutting-edge expertise in the service of innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.