Expertise comptable


Our profession

Advise Up Associés accompanies each entrepreneur and business leader by proposing a solution that is suited to their situation and their constraints

  • Covering all or part of accounting and associated work
  • Permanent or occasional assistance for the company’s accounting department

Our services

  • Drawing up the annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Auditing the accounts
  • Account-keeping in Saas mode (sharing financial information with our clients in real time)
  • Assistance in producing company-level and consolidated financial statements
  • Business creation, mapping of aids and incentives
  • Assistance in drafting the Articles of Association
  • Accompanying foreign companies in France
  • Accompanying French companies abroad (United Kingdom, Morocco)
  • Payroll and welfare declarations
  • Legal secretariat
  • Insolvency proceedings
  • Tax, advising and tax declarations
  • Personal tax matters for business leaders and advising in wealth management
  • Assisting for tax and welfare inspections